I'm Mark Bruderer. But who is that ?

The truthful answer to that question would be: I'm not sure. But I assume that you are not interested by my spiritual pleasantries, you would much rather have a list of things that I do in daily life as a description. I am happy to oblige.

  • I am currently a bachelors student at the University of Twente in the Netherlands 🇳🇱.
  • I major in Business and IT which means I take classes with CS half the time the other half I spend with Industrial Engineering.
  • I'm a programmer experienced with web development and app development.
  • I started a company called Techurve which develops software that saves small businesses time and money.

Apart from that I enjoy surfing and kitesurfing a lot, when I am not near the ocean I practice surfskate. I enjoy reading books, I find that the classics are always the ones that stick with me like Robinson Crusoe, The Jungle Book, The Lord of the Rings etc...

I can speak four languages: English, Spanish, French and Dutch.