A selection of my personal projects and team projects.

Here are projects I have done. Some projects have been done through my consultancy company, the rest are purely personal projects to learn a new technology or done as part of a university course.

  • B


    Bytehub is a community based website, which publishes articles with the goal of helping students. This community takes time to write summaries that are relevant to everyone taking the courses of BIT.


  • Techurve

    A software consultancy that started helping businesses by developing revenue sources with mobile apps and web apps. Now developing our own SaaS.


  • CA

    Coffee API

    Small project I made to learn how to make CRUD apps. It's goal was to track coffee blends.


  • Y


    My mom asked me to make a simple website to display the custom wine bags that she makes. Made using Sanity as a CMS and using Nuxt 3 for the frontend.


  • T


    Transform the way you teach and learn with Topper! This innovative mobile application provides a seamless feedback experience for teachers with interactive widgets, making it easier than ever to assess your team's progress towards their goals. Plus, Topper empowers users to take control of their own learning journey by setting personal goals. Say goodbye to wasted reflections and hello to organized feedback with Topper!

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  • TB

    Take Break

    Meditation App built for one of our clients. Streams content from AWS to the users. Client was extatic with the result.

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  • MA

    Mortgage App

    University project made for Topicus. The project is a web app that helps people taking a mortgage. It simplifies the mortgage process to a few steps where the client can have a visual indicator of the progress with a loading bar.