Data Quality - Business View


Data should be seen as a business asset, therefore investing in data-quality can have a good ROI.

What is Data ?

Data consists of separate parts: the data model and the data values. The data model is the schema that defines how the data is structured, while the data values are actual.

Properties of Data that complicate quality:

  • data multiplies
  • data are more complex than they appear.

How to build a data team in your company ?

Common data science roles are the following:

  • Data Scientist: In charge of everyday data preparation and analytics
  • Data steward: data governance (manages data, secures data, supports users of data)
  • Data curator: organizes data, labels data, documents data
  • Data controller (gdpr: entity determines the why and the how for processing personal data)
  • Chief Data Officer (part of the managment team, responsible for enterprise wide governance, tasked with utilizing data as a business asset)